Vitrine de France, wilhelmstrasse, Berlin
Rue de France, view of the exibition
Fragment of a poster
Rue de France, view of the exibition
Poster, courtesy of Knoll

We remember the Bauhaus through the shapes which crossed time and influenced our contemporary design. We would almost forget about the school itself, a space for freedom and experimentation. One time leads all the experiments : a time for celebration. Parties are often organized in the school. They’re an opportunity for students to design decors, costumes and masks, inventing shapes which will then feed their own practice and influence the Bauhaus design. The Bauhaus appears to be a space where dailylife, celebration and education melt to invent an utopian way of life.
Five Bauhaussian object typologies stand in front of us. By getting closer, we discover the raster each one is made of. A raster created with the fundamental vocabulary from the Bauhaus : circles, rectangles, triangles, masks ; a creative boiling celebrating life in Bauhaus.

The exhibition has been inaugurated on the day marking the centennial of the school, by the french Minister of Labour Mrs Muriel Pénicaud, the french ambassador Mrs Anne-Marie Descôtes. The scenography and the furniture are designed by us.