Pull factor, cover
Pull factor, gardes (sommaire)
Pull factor, book
Pull factor, detail
Pull factor, livre

Pull Factor is a poetry book created with writer William Kherbek. The poem is made out of four stories according to the Langevin Paradox part of Einstein general relativity theory. Each character’s story is written on a different booklet facing each other’s. When the characters meet, their perception of time are simultaneous and their booklets merges into one single booklet.
Between each meeting, the paper thickness of each part is different. In this way, each story can have different pages length for the same whole thickness. This trick show the duration’s relativity and the impossibility of simultaneity between meetings. The time (whole thickness) between two meetings is equal, but the duration (number of pages) is different for each character. The book counts 5 different paper thickness.

Pull factor is a poem focused on the Mediterranean refugee crisis and the economic crisis affecting Greece. This book is a fragment of a more global research about time in relativist and quantum physics.